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  • Website Producer 'Rex Rizz'
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World Stage Karaoke viewed by millions online by Rocking Fun Music owned by Kellie Levans who promotes WSKS-TV over 1069 networks. The show now is based in northern Texas, which begin in Wisconsin in 2000, now southern singers have a chance to experience the shows lastest technology advances. It's being on TV and performing live on stage at the same time. Computer software has 'Set the Stage' for 'Artistic Karaoke Performances' receiving priceless worldwide exposure online! Love is the most powerful force on earth and in the heavens...That's why people want to be a Star!...See the history of photos of shows, on location in Wisconsin!

  • "World Stage Karaoke Showcase"

Introducing karaoke singers to a world audience in HD technology has opened the media door establishing one of the top websites, karaoke people visit to be entertained! Singers have a personalized special voice like never before; making it possible by the most powerful communication network in history to become known to a 'Global Audience'. The Wisconsin Internet powers this website with full bandwidth and superior knowledge to deliver a profession quality showcase to singers, clubs and business sponsors who demand the best! has been our name and URL since 2000. A Digital BroadcastHD System over a Global Network! Watch our videos produced live in nightclubs located through out the Midwest area...GOD Bless America!Rex & Kellie Artist 1069-.jpg

The Future of Internet Karaoke Artists!

Talented Singers who are online will have a exciting presents in world marketing promotions that will include special rates and reduced price structures for 'Known Karaoke Singers' as they vacation and travel around the country. World Stage Karaoke and other sites like ours will provide the foundations for business to want to attract this every growing market. Las Vegas has many karaoke shows featured in the lounges and it's not far off when 'Singing Online' will be the way to get the recognition required to see offers and special package deals to SING in Vegas and receive bonus value coupons for participation in karaoke shows during your business or vacation travels. Your VIP rate accommodations will include scheduling you to appear in selected top karaoke shows during your stay just as professional entertainers are booked for their shows. You will be promoted by your online videos played in the shows you are to appear, before you ever walk through the door and be recognized for your singing online performances. Your drinks that evening will be on the 'Singers Celebrity Tab' at reduced rates as well as your dinners and other attractions you might like to see... Karaoke Artists will become a true celebrity in the future with the introduction of 'Music Video Showcasing Online' over time! Rex & Kellie Artist Promotions.jpg